The Next Economic Crash Will Lock You Out Of Your Money

Renouned financial expert and three time best-selling author James Rickards has a new book titled The Road to Ruin: The Global Elites’ Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis.  Rickards paints a scary possible scenario for what is coming and contends, the global elites have a secret plan for the next financial crisis.

Rickards goes on to explain, They are going to lock down the system when the crisis hits. In 1998, everybody wanted their money back, and they printed the money. In 2008, everybody wanted their money back, and they printed the money. In 2018 or sooner, everyone is going to want their money back, but they are not going to print the money. They are going to tell you that can’t have it. They are going to lock down the system and close the banks.

You can save yourself and family by getting into some assets that will stand against inflation and be non-digital. Any digital money can be locked down with a few key strokes. Non-digital money such as gold, silver, fine art, land, natural resources, emergency food, water and there is a long list of things . . . those are the things that are going to last.

The other point he makes is that when this happens, it will happen very quickly.  You won’t know it in advance, and the stock market will be closed when you decide to get out of the stock market. You may not be able to get gold. Right now, you can get it . . . but in a panic when its going up $100 per ounce per day, you’ll be watching the price go up, but you wont be able to get it.

Rickards predicts a complete lock down of the global financial system for at least weeks and possibly months. Rickards contends, Definitely weeks and perhaps months, and it could turn into Mad Max. It could turn into what I call money riots with people burning down banks, but the elites are ready for that also.  As the money situation gets worse, states and elites will not go down without a fight.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes one-on-one with Mr. Rickards…

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