Are These 3 Financial Myths Robbing You of Success?

There’s a lot of conventional wisdom out there that most of us have heard since we were very young and some of this “so called” wisdom actually can hold us back…

I ran across an excellent article on that discusses 3 of these widely held myths that I totally agree can negatively impact a person’s ability to reach their full potential if they listen to them.

They are:

1. Good grades and degrees lead to true prosperity.

While getting good grades and a degree are positive things (and of course a prerequisite for certain professions), I don’t believe they determine a person’s prosperity. For example, some of the most successful business people were actually average and even bad students while some didn’t even go to college. Oftentimes, it’s what they learned in the “real world” and taking action on what they learned that brought them their most successful results.

2. Work hard to become successful.

Work hard, yes, but working smarter, not harder is the key.  Being in the right place at the right time and recognizing that you’re there is even more important. 

3. Jobs are safe; business is risky.

As the article states, actually both are risky.  With a job, you can get fired, the company can go out business, etc. and you can fail in your own business as well.  So, I guess it just boils down to what your goals are.  If you’re just looking to “trade hours for dollars”, we need employees too but if you’re looking for more control of your own destiny, maybe going into business for yourself is what you need to do.

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