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Laura Paulson

Hello and welcome. I’m Laura, creator of Real Money News.  I am not a financial expert and Real Money News does NOT give financial or investment advice.  Instead, I’m a digital/online marketer and make money online in e-commerce, affiliate and direct sales.  While looking to add another income producing asset, I was introduced to a company in the business of “money”, a category creator, where I began to learn about the worldwide debt, currency and savings crisis and how to capitalize on the next wealth shift in currency. 

I created this curation website with people like myself in mind who want to learn about the history of money; the global monetary system; the future of money; currencies; how the economy truly functions and impacts our income and savings; ways to build wealth, spend less/keep more and reduce/eliminate debt.  You can use the information found on this website as a starting point for conducting your own research and due diligence.

At Real Money News, we do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.   We sort through all the typical noise and misinformation pushed by the corporate owned media, government, bankers and Wall Street establishment to connect you to valuable, insightful and relevant information from the most trusted and diverse set of sources and experts, some of which may challenge conventional wisdom.  We share what’s really going on in easy to absorb “Quick Hit Nuggets” so you can make up your own mind and be better equipped to preserve and grow your personal wealth.  

It’s not how much you make – it’s how much you keep that counts!

The Rules to Money have Changed.
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